Encompass operates through Christian Children’s Home of Ohio (CCHO) and provides Christ-centered outpatient counseling, home based counseling, foster care and adoption services. With centers in Wooster, Ashland, Massillon and Walton Hills, Encompass offers comprehensive services that are designed to wrap families in a blanket of hope and support. When direction is needed, as it sometimes is in the journey of life, Encompass professionals can be counted on to provide guidance. Gently moving the needle toward the right destination, families can find solace in a new kind of compass.         

CCHO is based in Wooster, Ohio and is the parent organization of Encompass.Stretching across a campus of 165 acres with 150 employees, CCHO works to help people experience their worth in Christ. CCHO is a residential treatment center for children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. Children are treated with a myriad of therapeutic approaches, such as equine-assisted therapy, art therapy, group therapy, partial hospitalization, and individual, play and certified trauma therapy (www.ccho.org).